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About Mpenja

Mpenja (conceptually driven by Frances Schandera and Everett Duarte) - is a collaboration of a European Artist´s vision and the knowledge from an African Artist, their combined approach allows for a multiplicity of combinations within Mpenja´s work. The conception of Mpenja comes from a coastal nature reserve called Mpenjati. 

Subject matter is that of the African vista, both aquatic and the vastness of the interior from the Transkei through Swaziland and up towards Xai Xai in Mozambique. The process is a layering of contrasting gestural and structural marks inter dispersed with silk screened photographs. "We both work in the abstract so the element of realism offers a subtle persuasion of time and place."

Feeding off each other's marks with instinctive and spontaneous reactions opens up possibilities of new discoveries within all the formal qualities of the painting and allowing for new unexpected dialogs.

Everett Duarte

Everett Duarte was born in Tzaneen, South Africa in 1980.

1998 Matriculated at Pietermaritzburg College / ZA. 
1999-2001 National Diploma Graphic Art at Technikon Natal in Durban / ZA. 
2006-2007 University of Fine Art (HfBK) in Dresden / Germany with Prof. Ralf Kerbach.

Solo Exhibitions

KZNSA Gallery Durban 2006
Depictions Gallery Marina Beach 2006
Audi House Dresden, Germany 2006

Two-Man Exhibitions

Gallery Anne (with Izidro Duarte) Gabarone, Botswana 2003
Depictions Gallery (with Keith Erasmus) Marina Beach 2005
Depictions Gallery (with Mark Meyer) Marina Beach 2005
Museum Alte Pfarrhaeuser (with Frances Schandera) Germany 2007

Group Exhibitons 2003 - 2007

The Gallery at San Lameer, South Africa
Margate Art Museum in Margate, South Africa
Tamasa Art Gallery in Durban, South Africa
Colaborart at Margate Art Museum, South Africa
International Convention Centre in Durban, South Africa
Hilton Arts Festival in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
The Stewart Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa
Red Eye at the Durban Art Museum, South Africa
Gallery Ines Schulz in Dresden, Germany
House of Art in Munich, Germany

Frances Schandera

Born in Germany in 1975; graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Schneeberg (Germany) in 1997 as a fashion designer; Assistant Designer with Erica Matile (Zurich / Switzerland) in 1997; started the fashion label, m u t a r e in 1998; 1998 - 2002 fashion performance m u t a r e, participated in various fashion shows, workshops and exhibitions in Dresden, Leipzig, Duesseldorf and other cities, her collection was selected for the German Trendsetter Show in 1999 and 2000 CPD in Duesseldorf.

2002 - 2004: Lectured at the Jassawi University (Shymkent, Kazakhstan); 2002 - 2004: Further studies at the University of Art in Dresden (Germany); 2004 - MA in Art Therapie.

Frances Schandera always concentrated on visual art and has exhibited in a number of exhibitions in Germany. In 2001, Frances was selected for the International Marianne Brandt Award (Germany) were she was awarded both the Painting and Fashion Appreciation prizes. More recent exhibitions include RED Eye Durban, ADAPTATION Germany along with several Group shows.

Frances is now living and working on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast in South Africa.